Meet Our Speakers!

Chantal Chagnon
Grand Marshal
Chantal is a Cree Métis Singer, Drummer, Storyteller, Actor, Educator, Workshop Facilitator, Social Justice Advocate and Activist with roots in Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, Saskatchewan. She shares Traditional Indigenous Songs, Stories, Culture, History, Arts, Crafts and Teachings. Chantal has presented at Conferences, Conventions, Galas, Fundraisers, Community, Social Justice Events and in Classrooms from Preschool through University.
Aurooba Ahmed
Co-Founder, Wanderoak
Aurooba Ahmed is the co-founder and front-end web developer at Wanderoak, a design/dev studio based in Calgary. She studied Computer Science, and has her own podcast (Aurooba Makes). She blogs, she codes, she crafts, and on April 22, she’s going to share what it’s like being a Pakistani-born Canadian Muslim woman busting through barriers in STEM
Raging Grannies
The Calgary Raging Grannies are committed to promoting global peace, justice environmental protection and social and economic equality by raising public awareness through satirical songs. We dedicate our efforts to the children of the world that they may live on a peaceful and friendly planet, safe from war, injustice, and pollution. You can find the lyrics for the songs they will perform on our "Participate" Page!
Naweed Syed
Professor, Dept. Cell Biology and Anatomy
Dr. Naweed Syed is a Pakistani Canadian developmental neuroscientist with an active research program in the area of brain development, studying how networks of brain cells assemble during development and are modified throughout life to form the basis for learning and memory. Dr. Syed's team was the first to develop a bionic hybrid which enabled direct dialogue between brains cells and electronics. This study was highlighted in Time Magazine and on the Discovery Channel.
Adora Nwofor
March Emcee
Adora Nwofor is a native of Calgary of unique ethnicity. Nigerian and Jamaican, she embraces all of her blessings. She believes women have a powerful voices and uses hers to encourage the world to accept that "We all do the same thing in different ways!". With a plethora of extraordinary experiences, she empowers people to learn and laugh at themselves and the "perfect" world. She has a feminist POV with a dark twist labeled by some as "shock wit". Her entertainment resume is quickly growing, performing comedy regularly both locally, and across North America.
Marie-Claire Shanahan
Associated Professor, Science Education
Marie-Claire Shanahan was born and raised outside the village of Burnstown, Ontario, a beautiful little spot on the Madawaska River. She grew up helping her father make maple syrup and exploring the endless maple and cedar forests that surrounded her home. Her research focuses on how and why people participate in scientific communities and discussions, especially where issues of differing levels of expertise are involved.
Wolf Awareness
Informational Booth
Wolf Awareness is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing positive attitudes towards predators in general, the wolf in particular, and an appreciation of the environment of which all of us are a part. We are a team of conservationists & scientists whose primary goal is to foster awareness and appreciation of wolves, wolf ecology and conservation. We work in partnership with scientists, First Nations, ranchers, local communities and other NGO's to increase understanding, improve tolerance levels and promote coexistence among humans and wolves.Wolf Awareness will be on-site with an informational booth for those interested in learning more about what they do!